The Girl Scouts

of Greater Atlanta

The Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta continue the tradition passed on from the first troop founded by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia. They serve over 40,000 girls and 17,000 adults in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area (and a section of Polk County, Tennessee), and help impart the values of the Girl Scouts onto women of all ages. Scouts and Ambassadors of the Greater Atlanta collection of troops can participate in many ways, from camping and selling treats to donating supplies to schools overseas and working with the elderly.


The Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta have partnered with STEMPower to further STEM opportunities for Girl Scout troops.  Founded by five students of Georgia Tech – Brenna Fromayan, Natalie Leonard, Wendy Ng, Anokhi Patel, and Kaitlin Rizk – Stempower is a mentoring program for young women looking to enter into the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Program tutors work directly with Girl Scouts troops to provide guidance and motivational support to the young girls under their care.

What’s New

STEMPower welcomes Girl Scouts to the Georgia Tech campus

On Saturday, December 2nd, STEMPower welcomed over 60 Girl Scouts, their troop leaders, parents, and mentors for a full day of touring Georgia Tech’s campus. The troops visited an Astrophysics laboratory, Biomedical Engineering laboratory, and explored coding and robotics with Robogals, a Georgia Tech student organization. The scouts received a certificate, a STEMPower patch, and their Engineering Journey badge in honor of completing the semester-long program.

STEMPower wraps up a smashing Spring semester!

STEMPower mentors completed this past Spring semester with 5 troops of mentees, totaling 88 girls in total. More than half of those were part of GSGATL’s outreach program (troops 9179, 9708, and 9304), which is comprised of students enrolled in title 1 schools. The Scouts were thrilled to be able to expand the STEMPower to be able to reach underserved youth and allow them to step outside of their comfort zones and be exposed to new experiences and ideas. The majority of this semester’s troop members reported gaining a better understanding of STEM subjects, improved problem solving skills, and increased feelings of meaningful community involvement.

Our Stories

Diana Kyser – COO

I started in tech in 1985, and have been there for my entire career. In all that time, too often I found myself as the only woman “at the table” in many executive teams of companies I worked for. I feel that many girls are not encouraged to pursue math or science, and may in fact be discouraged from doing so – something I have firsthand experience with. My first grade teacher once told me that “girls aren’t as good at math as boys.”

I think women are natural consensus builders and can be excellent managers and leaders. There just haven’t been enough role models to show that girls can achieve any career and level they desire.

The Girl Scout STEM program focuses on both STEM and leadership. They explore STEM topics and leadership roles in an environment that nurtures their innate talents.

By exposing girls to science, technology, engineering, and math at an early age (before gender stereotypes are drilled into them), I hope that they can take advantage of their innate curiosity and develop a love for STEM that will drive them to pursue a STEM education, and ultimately a path to becoming an executive in the STEM career of their choosing.

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